In my mid 20s and with extreme passion in everything about building a business in the information technology sector. I love sharing everything about business and technology and hence this blog. I understand that there is a lot of energy and enthusiasm in people my age to start a business and unfortunately there is not always a lot of reference in the context of our age and geography (particularly Asia), therefore I aim to share as much as I can to young entrepreneurs out there so they can learn from my mistakes and success.

I am the co-founder and Business Development Manager of M.SaaS Solutions Pte Ltd (www.msaas.com.sg),  a CRM and ERP services and consultancy company reselling Oracle CRM On Demand and NetSuite ERP. As part of my everyday duties, I manage the overall operations of the organization which includes sales, pre-sales and implementation activities (basically everything except the kitchen sink).

I have been an advocate and evangelist of cloud computing, SaaS or whatever moniker the industry wants to name it since 2008 because I truly believe in its disruptive force to incumbents and as an enabler for young and upcoming companies.

I am always open to criticism , advise and enquiries 🙂
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